Frequently Asked Questions for DJ DanCo

Choosing a disc jockey for your party or event is an important decision. This will give you the information you need to make an informed decision for your event.

Q: How much do you charge?
A: As with most services, prices can vary significantly. Normally, DJ services run in the range of about $150-$250 per hour.

Q: When should we begin the music for our party?
A:  The start time for any event should coincide with the arrival of your guests. Your DJ can start off the evening and set the mood with background music played at moderate volume level, allowing people to socialize if applicable.

Q: The party is going great  and we’re having a wonderful time!  How much do you charge for overtime?
A: Your disc jockey will be happy to keep the party going, provided that the rental hall is available for the extended time. Check with your hall in advance. An extra hour costs $75.

Q: My party will last for 3hrs, from 7pm – 10pm. When will you  arrive and how long will you take to setup?
A: As a general rule, a disc jockey should arrive at least one hour before the start of your event. This allows 45min for  load in and setup, and 15min to “get settled” and review special requests, dedications and dances. Time required for setup and breakdown is built in, and does not affect your playing time.

Q: Can I get a DJ who is outgoing, and will get my guests involved?
A: Your DJ is an enthusiastic emcee and entertainer, who will bring fun & excitement to your special occasion, but will never go overboard. Your DJ can host dance contests, do limbo or line dances, and will use participation techniques to encourage your guests to get involved in the fun! We are always prepared to get the party going!

Q: What type of music do you play?
A:  DJ DanCo. lets you pick the music you want to hear at your party. We have a large selection to chose from, and we play the titles you pick for us to play. We can take requests from your guests, and read the crowd to keep the dance floor moving!  Our selection runs from Big Band Era, to current top 40, and every variety in between. If we do not list a song you submit to us, we can usually get it. Occasionally a customer may provide us with a flash drive for very specialized music we might not be able to obtain. We carry only “clean” versions of our music, and volume is always under your control.

Q: We’re considering using your DJ services. Can we come see you perform somewhere?
A: The events we perform are private events, just like yours. I will be glad to meet with you for a personal consultation to discuss anything you have concerns about, but we do not permit our customers, or potential ones, to crash someone else’s party. We are working on compiling a video to give our customers a better idea of what one of our parties look like.  We can provide references upon request.

Q: How do you dress for an event?
A: We dress appropriately for every occasion, from nice casual, to suit and tie.

Q: What lighting is included?
A: At DJ DanCo., we never charge you for basic lighting. This consists of multiple LED and laser lighting effects. Our lighting will add festive color and movement to your dance floor, and enhance the mood and hype the crowd!

Q: What does the customer need to provide?
A: A  banquet or similar type table, a regular 110 AC electrical outlet, and an area cleared out and designated as a dance floor, which should be right in front of where your DJ is setup. Generally speaking, DJ’s cannot be in direct sunlight or exposed to rain, precipitation, wind, etc., so overhead cover is required in most situations.

Q: What else do I need to know?
A: DJ DanCo., is there to help make your party a success, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.  We can offer helpful suggestions based on our experience, and we are always responsive to your input. You are the boss, and it is our job and our pleasure to work for you to ensure that your party is enjoyed by all.