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25 Years Running! Dec 22, 2020 »

There probably aren't many (if any) DJ's in Nashville who've done DJ entertainment continuously for 25 years, like I've had the privilege of doing. Many things have changed, but aspects many have remained the same. I've always believed in offering our customers good value for what they get. DJ service shouldn’t have to cost an arm & a leg, and with DJ DanCo., it doesn't. I still use the same basic, consistent pricing I have for many years. We still strive to do things your way, with our…

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Dec 22, 2020 »

DJ'ing is such a great job to have. There's nothing more rewarding than knowing we helped make someone's event a smashing success they'll cherish & remember for a long time. We have all the ingredients it takes to produce a happy customer every time: music, equipment, sharp personnel, and customers who are there to have a good time. With a little preparation, communication, and attention to detail, we can make any event fun, organized, and successful. It takes the care we show every time by…

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