Submit Ceremony Music & Details

DJ DanCo. can perform your ceremony music if your ceremony is taking place at the same location as the reception. Our start time will be 30 minutes ahead of the start of your ceremony so we can play half an hour of pre-ceremony background music. If we are doing your ceremony music, we need the following things provided to us: a table to set up on, which can be smaller than the banquet table we need for the reception. It can be a card table or something similar. We need electrical power provided. We need enough shade or overhead cover to be able to read from a computer screen. And we usually seek to play music from the back towards the front, or be placed off to the side. We can mic the minister, either with a wireless clip-on lapel mic, or a mic on a stand. We add small fees for providing extra microphones, speakers, and relocating equipment from one area to another on the same grounds. Keep in mind we can meet in person to go over your ceremony music and details, and we’re here to help by phone or by email with questions you may have. We can offer tips or suggestions for processional music that can help you plan your ceremony.

Here’s the information DJ DanCo. will need to perform your ceremony music:

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