25 Years Running!

There probably aren’t many (if any) DJ’s in Nashville who’ve done DJ entertainment continuously for 25 years, like I’ve had the privilege of doing. Many things have changed, but aspects many have remained the same. I’ve always believed in offering our customers good value for what they get. DJ service shouldn’t have to cost an arm & a leg, and with DJ DanCo., it doesn’t. I still use the same basic, consistent pricing I have for many years. We still strive to do things your way, with our expertise. Playing the music our customers choose and following their instructions and guidelines are a few of the easiest ways we have to make them happy. Our customers know when we’re playing their music & following the instructions they give us, and we can tell when they are having a great time. There’s nothing like seeing a happy, care-free customer that booked us dancing up a storm & having a blast! I’ve always said, what we do is not rocket science: it’s entertainment that’s best enjoyed when we’re doing things the client’s way. That’s our goal, every time. No, we’re not using cassettes & cd’s anymore, but the basic ways that we please our customers haven’t changed much over the years. It truly is a blessing and a privilege to DJ for people, and I never forget that. It’s kind of mind blowing to consider all the people we’ve entertained over the years. There are people who’s weddings we’ve DJ’d who have grown kids now. I love that! I look forward to continuing to provide our customers with music and fun at their weddings, parties, & dances, and creating the memories they’ll treasure for many more years to come. 🙂